Scientific research achievement

Continuous innovation is the enterprising faith of Changhe group. In 2005, Changhe group successfully created the legend of silicon Pu, which set off a nationwide revolution storm of stadium materials and was widely recognized by the sports industry and society. Changhe group launched Changhe SPU runway in 2013, which has won the recognition and trust of users at home and abroad. In 2019, Changhe innovated and upgraded the series of products of stadium, runway and footpath again, and launched espu stadium, espu runway and Changhe zhirou footpath with better performance. This is not only a pure innovation change, but also Changhe's persistence in product excellence, pursuit of perfection and perfection.

The third revolutionary innovation in the industry - espu stadium, runway, smart and soft footpath.


Changhe's innovation and upgrading of quality has never stopped. For the first time in 2018, the long river used ETPU coil material in the stadium, runway and trails. The ETPU particles used in the elastic layer had strong resilience, excellent aging resistance and weatherability. It could adapt to all kinds of temperature, feel comfortable and comfortable, and the structure was not damaged by external force for a long time. It can effectively upgrade the use of stadium, runway and footpath in professional performance, environmental protection construction, service life, daily maintenance, etc., with higher impact absorption, smaller vertical deformation, balanced and consistent physical performance and meeting higher environmental protection requirements. It is a new generation of sports floor environmental protection product.

The second industry revolutionary innovation - SPU runway material.


Do not forget the original intention, innovation leading. From 2010 to 2013, Changhe group finally developed a new runway material - "SPU", which can effectively improve the speed of athletes and protect the safety of users, and successfully solved the problem of coexistence of industry sports and sports protection. The SPU track adopts the main structure of the international arena, which is hard and elastic. Through the micro air bag foaming technology, it can provide the best impact absorption and rapid rebound for the sport, and realize the professional demand of the international competition. At the same time, it is famous at home and abroad for the performance index requirements of the new national standard.

The first revolutionary innovation in the industry - silicon Pu stadium materials.


At that time, the traditional stadium materials were all synthetic materials invented by European and American countries, which had obvious defects in terms of environmental protection, performance and construction conditions. In 2002, Zhao Wenhai, chairman of Changhe group, led the team to set up a project and independently developed a new type of stadium material suitable for national conditions. In 2005, the scientific research team lasted for three years, after numerous failures, summaries and improvements, finally successfully developed the stadium material - "Silicon Pu", which meets the requirements of sports physical characteristics and has the structural characteristics of upper, hard and lower bombs. Changhe group endows silicon Pu with the vitality of advancing with the times, realizes solvent-free production in environmental protection performance, enhances sports protection performance, improves impact absorption capacity, and comprehensively meets the requirements of the new national standard. At present, silicon Pu, as an industry standard, has become the first choice material for National Stadium bidding.